Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Houses and shops, Queensland.

The 1st house is somewhat how many Queensland houses are built or were and a few still are.
Some are not filled in down stairs so therefore are stilt houses.  Being stilt houses it lets the air flow through on the hot summer days, the veranda's to sit outside in shelter to eat on the balcony with the partitions helping to keep the sun out.
The remainder of the houses are of some around the area in Hervey Bay in Queensland, Winter 2016.
A few shops opposite the beach.  There are no high rise buildings along the beach!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Hervey Bay, Queensland.

From Rockhampton we ventured down to Hervey Bay to stop for several days Winter 2016.

Harvey Bay, Queensland, a coastal city in southern Queensland, is widely known as a site for observing humpback whales. Whale-watching boats operate during the July to November migration season. It's also a hub for tours to nearby Fraser Island, which has beaches and features a rainforest habitat for dingoes and other wildlife. A waterfront esplanade links the city's marina with beaches offering calm waters for swimming.

Urangan Pier is 868 meters long original length was 1124 meters was used to export Steam, Sugar and Coal in 1917.  In the 1980's all exports stopped from this pier.  The pier was threatened with demolition but it was saved! The pier was leased to the Harvey Bay Council for protection.

Many people we saw walking their dogs along the beach.
Photo below is of Terry Summers born in 1929 in England and is singing The Fisherman's Song.. a statue of him 'Duet' it's called.  
Have no idea who Terry Summers was as I can't find any history about him.

Opposite the pier is a lovely lawned area and Cafe.
Hervey Bay has certainly been cleaned up since our last visit.

A Resort across the road from the sea.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Buildings in Rockhampton, Queensland.

It was a Sunday when we took the drive into the city to take some photos, less traffic!
The photo below is of the Supreme Court House of Rockhampton which was built in 1950 - 1955.

The Post Office built in 1892 - 1896.

The large tree in the middle of the road adds as shelter in the heat of the day in Northern Queensland.
The below photos are of a the main st. in Rockhampton and most towns and some cities have this shade for the shoppers and their cars.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Church that was closed on Sunday!

Went to visit inside the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Joseph's in Rockhampton when we were there in 2016, but alas it was closed on a Sunday!
Built in 1893 - 1899.  The first official Mass was held in May 1862 in a Court House in Rockhampton.

The Primary School and below the Offices of the Diocese of Rockhampton. Queensland.