Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Euroa, Victoria.

Continuing Euroa - yes there is a lot to see.

The pathway to the Train Station plus the station.

The above is Australian Coat of Arms.  These are on the brick wall as one walks through the tunnel to the train station.

Don't know what this building was used for, maybe a bank in years gone by but now it appears someone lives there, probably divided into flats.

The Post Office of Euroa.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Euroa, Victoria

We so liked Euroa in Victoria where we stayed for a couple of nights.
Walking down the street with camera in hand a man stopped us it turned out he was one of the Councillors of the town.  Great talking to him with all his knowledge of the town.

Major T.L. Mitchell camped on the banks of the Seven Creeks at Euroa during his 1836 "Australia Felix" expedition.  The Major Mitchell Parrots are named after him.

Euroa's claim to fame is that the National Bank was robbed by Ned Kelly (notorious bush ranger) in 1878. Much of the region's wealth once came from sheep but now it comes from horse studs.

The Euroa Hotel was built without the verandah by George Sutherland in 1884 in Railway Street. The style is an adaptation of Queen Anne work suitable for a country hotel, the architects being the then well-known to Euroa Tappin, Gilbert and Dennehy. C.L. Boos’s weatherboard North Eastern Hotel was previously on the same site. The new brick building was claimed to be the best of its kind outside Melbourne. It is an important part of the group of red-brick building facing the railways in this part of the town. Taken from Heritage - Euroa

This building was the residence of the Pharmacist years ago with his Chemist shop attached.

Part of the main street.

The above building is a Nursery, one would think they would fix the old building.

The sign on the Heritage walk and the newer building below where the old bank was that was robbed by Ned Kelly.

Friday, 13 October 2017

First night!

Stayed at Euroa in Victoria for 1st night after having a good sail on the Spirit of Tasmania.
We had to get the chassis checked in Camperwell in Victoria not far out of Melbourne. This took 6 hours waiting time so Euroa was fine for the night.
We parked in a Caravan Park by the Seven Creeks temperature in the evening was 2 degC.
It is here that we discovered one of the pipes underneath the caravan was leaking! Next morning husband was under the caravan to find out the problem - which he fixed after making a trip to the hardware pluming department. Problem was cause by the hoisted when the chassis was serviced.

Sevens Creek at Euroa, Victoria.
Both photos, looking one way then the other way.

There we are after a tiring day.

Sorry the photo is blurred of these two people - I was some distance away on the bridge looking across the River.  I took the photo to show how some people keep warm in Caravan Parks when permitted to have a firepot.

One could walk to the town of Euroa via this bridge.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The evening view.

The evening we left Devonport was beautiful, not a breath of wind with a calm sea.
Photos are from the ship viewing the city of Devonport, Tasmania.