Wednesday, 21 February 2018

View from Mt. Archer, Queensland

Mt. Archer National Park is 522 kilometres northwest of Brisbane.  It's the backdrop of the city of Rockhampton which marks the start of Tropical Queensland.
Mount Arches is 604 meters above sea level.  The park covers 4250 hectares of open forest and woolands.
There is a nice picnic area with a good sized car park which is sealed as the road is up to Mt. Archer.

The city below of Rockhampton.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Fitzroy River, Rockhampton, Queensland.

Quay Street in Rockhampton mostly follows the Fitzroy River, it's catchment covers an area of 142,665 square kilometers, making it the largest river catchment flowing to the eastern coast of Australia.
The lower reaches of the river are home to salt water crocodiles.  In 2003 a crocodile measuring more than 4 meters (13ft) long was captured.  The most diverse range of freshwater fish in the country are found within the Fitzroy basin.

Walking along Quay Street this is the view.

The River has flooded many times over the years and below is the measure of the floods including the years.